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Doctor Who Fanfiction Contests
challenges for Doctor Who
Recent Entries 
Old School TARDIS
Title: Have TARDIS, Will Travel
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word Count: 542
Characters: Victoria, Jamie
Spoilers: None. Set post-"The Tomb of the Cybermen" and post-"Fury from the Deep".
Warnings: None
Summary: New worlds await no matter where you are in the universe.

Have TARDIS, Will Travel
17th-Aug-2017 09:02 am - "Extinguished" ("Eyes" entry)
Five with key
Title: "Extinguished"
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Genre: Sci-fi, adventure
Word Count: 550

Summary: Another day, another alien vulnerable to common household objects.

Not quite a kettle and some string
15th-Aug-2017 10:39 pm - In All Forms ("Eyes" Entry)

Title: In All Forms
Characters: 11th Doctor, Rory, Amy, Prisoner Zero
Rating: G
Spoilers: For “The Eleventh Hour”
Word Count: 374
Episode Setting: The end of Season 5 Episode 1 “The Eleventh Hour”
Summary: The Doctor goes through a short identity crisis after seeing his eleventh regeneration.

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15th-Aug-2017 10:07 pm - "Wrinkle" and "Heaven's Gate" Banners
Here are your banners!

Heaven's Gate and Wrinkle bannersCollapse )

Please save them to your own computer and let me know when you get them. Enjoy!
14th-Aug-2017 09:59 pm - Mod Post: Rest of 2017
Hello all,

I have posted the themes for the challenges for the rest of the year. These deadlines are pretty sturdy, so there will be little room for extensions. Please, feel free to start getting those writing muscles flexed now! :)

Participation has been dwindling, which is to be expected between a long break of new episodes and summer, but as autumn approaches I hope we can pick things back up again. The amount of participation will always give me an idea of it's worth keeping this community open, especially after the holiday break. If anyone has any thoughts on this, let me know. If we could improve anything, like themes or deadlines or anything else, I'm open to suggestions.

I apologize for the delay of banners again. I have started on them. Who knew a screaming infant could dictate your free time! I should have those up this week, latest next week.

Your mod,
14th-Aug-2017 09:41 pm - Drabble Challenge #56 // Eyes

Interpret that however you want.

Word Count requirement 550 words or less. One entry per person. All entries must be new and relate to this challenge. You may post to the community, link to your journal or off-site. Please make sure your links work. Please read the rules if you do not know them!

Submissions are due Monday August 28th at 9:00 pm US Central time. Voting will go up very soon and the next challenge will be announced after that.
14th-Aug-2017 09:38 pm - "Wild Animal" Voting
It's time to vote!

Please take the time to look over the following entries and vote for your favorite three: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (NO MORE, NO LESS). THERE IS NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF, and only members and watchers may vote.

Please follow the rules on our profile page, vote fairly and do not get sock puppets or your friends to vote for you. Do not ask for votes outside the community. Please leave your votes as a comment to this post. The votes are all screened. All members are encouraged to vote, even those who did not post an entry. Please help our community stay active by reading and voting!

Vote like so:

1st - B. title, author
2nd - A. title, author
3rd - C. title, author

You must use the letter, title, and author when voting. Please use all three; it's much easier to tally that way. My voting system is simple: first place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, and 3rd places gets 1 point when added up at the end.

The entries:

A. We'll Be Okay by gallif_migrant

B. The Virus by matimae03

C. Like I could run forever by romanajo123

D. Only Animals by roseglade

E. Birds Gotta Bird. (Monkeys Gotta Monkey. Silurians...) by dancingdragon3

Voting will end on Saturday August 19th at 11:59 Central US Time, or until we get enough votes. Winners will be announced the next day and then winning banners will be up some time within the next week. Please vote and leave comments for our authors!

Please, please, PLEASE, find time to vote. It's not required for authors to vote but it's really helpful to all the other participants that DO read and vote to have a fair chance. I know it's not mandatory (and I've been considering changing that) but I really hope that I can have enough faith in you guys for full participation of this contest that means entering (if inspired), reading, commenting and voting. It really helps the community stay alive. Thank you so much!
jenny_no words
Title: Birds Gotta Bird. (Monkeys Gotta Monkey. Silurians...)
Author: dancingdragon3
Characters: Vastra, Jenny, Twelve, Missy, Bill, Nordole.
Rating/Genre: PG, gen, mild violence, dark humor, possibly disturbing to animal lovers.
Length: ~ 630 words.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Accidental violence to a pet, dining on wildlife.
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit.
Summary: Once again, time travel goes awry, landing our heroes on the prehistoric Pacific coast. This is me seeing what would happen if I threw them all together.
Notes: Written for who_contest, prompt “wild animal”.
Also written for puzzleprompts August 2017.
Language Note: The word ‘malaq’ is based on the word for ‘large bird’ in Halkomelem, the Native American language ‘sasquatch’ derives from. (Guess what this fic was originally supposed to be about :-)
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14th-Aug-2017 09:36 am - "Wild Animal" Reminder
This is just a reminder that our "Wild Animal" one-shots are due tonight. We definitely need more entries so please get those in if you can. And don't forget to read and give feedback to the entries already posted.

Thanks! Happy reading and writing!
5th-Aug-2017 11:23 pm - Only Animals ("Wild Animal" Entry)
Ten Raindrops

Title: Only Animals 

Rating: G

Word Count:  847  words

Characters: The New Earth Clones ( The New Humans) references the Sisters of Plenitude

Spoilers:  “New Earth”

Warnings: N/A

Episode Setting:  During “New Earth”

Summary: They call us animals. 

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Title:  Like I could run forever
Genre: Introspection
Author: romanajo123/ human_nature
Word Count:  c. 264
Characters:  Ace McShane, Seventh Doctor, mention of Karra
Rating/Warnings: PG, a bit dark
Spoilers: For Survival
Summary:Some days, the Cheetah part of Ace stays hidden, some days it takes over...

Read it here!
24th-Jul-2017 08:19 pm - "Wrinkle" Winners
Thanks for the last minute votes. Here are your winners for the "Wrinkle" challenge!

1st place - Survival Lines by gallif_migrant

2nd place - You are Beautiful by roseglade

3rd place - Future Tense by locker_monster

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for those who participated and voted. I'll have a double banner post up later.

Don't forget to enter our "Wild Animal" one-shot challenge!"
23rd-Jul-2017 02:06 pm - "The Virus" (Wild Animal entry)
10th, wild animal, Mad Doctor

Title: The Virus
Characters: the 10th Doctor, Donna, OC
Warnings: Character death
Episode setting: Season 4, before 'Turn Left'
Word count: 1,361
Summary: The Doctor and Donna find themselves in a mystery, all surrounding a virus.

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19th-Jul-2017 10:43 pm - "We'll Be Okay" (Wild Animal entry)
Seven And Mel 01
Title: "We'll Be Okay
Genre: Horror
Author: Gallifrey_Immigrant
Word Count: 562
Characters: Thirteenth Doctor; mention of Twelfth Doctor
Rating/Warnings: None
Spoilers: For the 13th Doctor casting announcement
Summary: Monsters. Late nights. The Doctor, no matter what the form.

[Jimmy was done at work. Then a woman showed up.]

Jimmy was closing up shop, happy to finally end this day of work. He didn't really enjoy this job, but ever since he stopped his attempts at a rock band, this had been his main source of income. It was steady work, and his manager promised that when he noticed the strange woman in the corner of the club. She was staring at her reflection, and muttering to herself. Jim figured the woman might be a homeless person. She was dressed in a hoodie and jacket, with blonde hair. Maybe she wanted some shelter. Either way, the woman had to leave. He walked up to her, and tapped her on the shoulder. The woma turned around, and her gaze shocked him. She smiled, but then ignored him, continuing to stare at her reflection.

“Hmm, my boy? No, that voice isn't me. What do you think, Jimmy?” said the woman. Her voice had an some form of English accent, which Jim couldn't place. She spoke his name like they were old friends.

“I don't think much about your voice. I need you to leave, ma'am,” said Jim.

“Ma'am? I haven't been called that in a whle. I think I missed it,” said the woman. She gave Jim her full attention now, sporting a toothy grin. Her hands touched her mouth, and she said “I think that I'm a smiler this time around.”

“Wonderful, ma'am. I need you to leave,” said Jim.


“Well, because the store's hours are over. I'm not sure how you got in here,” said Jim.

“Well, that is not the question—no, no, no! That's not my voice either!” said the woman, shaking her head. She crossed her arms, and tousled her hair, then paused. “Blonde. Looks odd. Also, my name is the Doctor, in case you forgot,” said the woman.

Jim was about to point out that they had never met before, when a loud scream came from outside. Jim jumped, while the girl stayed calm, and looked out the window. Street lights lit up the road. A large shadow covered the ground, like some giant animal was roaming outside.

“Rikos. Creatures with fire in their veins, who hunt in the midnight hour. If you go outside, you'll die,” said the Doctor. She shot up from her sitting position in a flash, and moved to the doors, her ear at the wood.

“Like, magical creatures?” said Jim. He stepped closer to the window, trying to get a better look. A claw ripped at the glass, making him jump.

“Yeah, let's go with magic. It's not magic, but okay, works for me. Jim, it's very important you stay inside. The creatures outside are wild animals from the dark spaces in the world ,” said the Doctor. Her nose sniffed at the door, and her eyes widened. “And these ones are from a very dark space, indeed.”

Small, slithery wisps of blackness crept over the windows. Light slowly disappeared from outside. More screams echoed. Jim backed away from the doors, and jumped when the Doctor grabbed him. She turned him toward her. Her eyes reminded him of a white-haired man who had saved his life, years ago.

“Listen, Jim. We'll be okay. Do you know why?”


The sound of glass breaking reverberated through his ears. Something was climbing in. But the woman didn't look afraid.

“Because I'm the Doctor.”

18th-Jul-2017 01:04 pm - One-shot Challenge #54 // Wild Animal
"Wild Animal"

Interpret that however you want.

Word Count requirement is 200 words or more. One entry per person. All entries must be new and relate to this challenge. You may post to the community, link to your journal or off-site. Please make sure your links work. Please read the rules if you do not know them!

Submissions are due Monday August 14th at 9:00 pm US Central time. Voting will go up very soon and the next challenge will be announced after that.
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