January 17th, 2019


Mod Note: Who Contest on Dreamwidth

Hi loyal members!

After struggling to keep this community alive at the end of last year, I have made the decision to move this community to Dreamwidth. I cannot access Livejournal during the day during my work, where I can give it more attention, so I've decided to move the majority of the moderator tasks and announcements to Dreamwidth.

I will still post notices here when able and members can still post their fics to this community to be counted in current challenges, but the voting will take place at Dreamwidth. Winners will be announced there first before I crosspost to Livejournal. Dreamwidth has picked up in membership since Tumblr made its announcement and I'm hoping to engage in more new members there. Plus it's so much more easier for me to keep up with the community at Dreamwidth.

Also Dreamwidth makes it easy to tag users from different websites. If you prefer to keep your username here from LJ I can still tag it at DW. Plus when you vote you can use OpenID and I will still count it.

Soon we will also be having a Facebook group alternative that shivver13 has been helping me with.

Stay tuned for the next challenge to start up again. I will be updating Dreamwidth first and then posting here. The community will become active again this coming Sunday, January 20th.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Your mod,