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Doctor Who Fanfiction Contests
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The Question ("Heaven's Gate" Entry) 
6th-Jun-2017 09:19 pm
s1, 9

Title: The Question
Word Count: 580
Rating: G
Characters: the 9th Doctor, Rose Tyler
Spoilers: S1E1 “Rose”
Summery: The doctor needs a friend, so he asks Rose. But he is battling himself on the inside about his true feelings.

The Doctor tried to hide his feelings, and after years of practice… He was pretty good at it.

Seeing Rose standing there, he tried to contain his excitement as he asked her.

“I’ll be goin’ off then. Unless, I dunno, you could come with me?”

What did you go and say that for? You’ll scare her off! Why are you always running away? Said the voice in the Doctors head.

But the Doctor just kept on talking, proposing the idea of her coming along, the Doctor wanted nothing more than that. Too have a friend again. He tried to contain his feelings, not wanting to get his hopes up. But he so desperately wanted a friend. He was lonely.

So he tried to act tough, and as if he didn’t care. He leaned against the TARDIS doorway, trying to be subtle about how much he was hoping she’d say yes. She stood there in the street light of a trash filled alley, and the Doctor so desperately wanted to show her the universe.

She asked about the danger, inside he stiffened, what if the danger would scare her away? But on the outside he put on a smile and replied yes. More than anything the Doctor didn’t want her to see him in fear, only because of the way she looked at him now. Like he was the most brilliant thing in the universe, he didn’t want that ever to change.

Rose smiled back at him, than apologized. She said she couldn’t come with. And just like that, he no longer felt a soaring feeling. He had let his hopes get to high, and now they were crashing down. He felt numb as he replied to her.

Okay. See you around.” he told her, his outside expression blank.

Inside he felt sick, he had opened heavens gates to her, offered her the world, the universe.

The Doctor shut the TARDIS door, and felt a great pain. All he wanted was to free himself from his past. He wanted to start a new life, break away from the darkness, he had a new face, why couldn’t he just start over? The Doctor slowly maneuvered the TARDIS throughout time and space, he had only wished for a friend.

And for days he went by, saving live, stopping wars, trying to prove to himself that he had changed. The days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months. But one day he found courage. He would ask Rose again. One more time. And if she refused, maybe that did mean he was destined to be alone forever. But the Doctor was willing to take the chance.

He quickly dialed in the date, just a few seconds after he had last asked her. To Rose it would be as if no time had gone by. He landed the TARDIS and rehearsed what he was going to say inside his head. He made his way towards the door, took a big breathe then painted a smile on his face, he couldn’t show her how much he cared. Not now. He cracked open the door, leaned out at said, “By the way, did I mention… it also travels in time?”

Rose smiled and the Doctors heart soared as he saw her making her decision, and inside, he finally felt as if he had changed. He would finally be able to leave the dark and pain behind him. And start a new life, with a new friend.

7th-Jun-2017 02:59 am (UTC)
I love this so much!!! :D I love how you had it from the Doctor POV and how you showed his inner turmoil with Rose's answer! I love this so much! *Begins to read again*
8th-Jun-2017 03:27 am (UTC)
Awww thanks! I love to write for 9... Probably because we only get so little with him... I think that he was a fantastic Doctor, and might have had it the hardest, trying to escape from his dark past, and become new again. Good thing for Rose! Who knows what would have happened if she never would have said yes in the end?
1st-Jul-2017 06:13 am (UTC)
This is perfect!! Thank you, thank you for this!!

2nd-Jul-2017 07:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading and commenting!
2nd-Jul-2017 12:51 am (UTC)
Oh, very sweet fic! I love seeing Nine and Rose.

Great idea on having The Doctor take a trip before he went back with the time travel knowledge :-)
2nd-Jul-2017 07:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I have always wondered how long he was really gone... Thanks for reading!
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