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Doctor Who Fanfiction Contests

challenges for Doctor Who

Doctor Who Fanfiction Contest
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A Doctor Who fanfiction challenge community

Welcome to who_contest, a fanfiction challenge community dedicated to the super-popular British TV hit, Doctor Who (and its spin-offs)!

We also operate from Dreamwidth too! Please join us at https://who-contest.dreamwidth.org/.

And the fun part about this is that the winners to the challenges get pretty banners to display on their journal, website, or whatever for their hard work.

Interested yet?

Here are the rules:

1) Every other three to four weeks, we'll alternate drabble and one-shot challenges with a variety of themes. Drabble (or more appropriately, short fic) challenges will vary in maximum word counts under 700 words. One-shot challenges will always be 250 words or more.

2) Everything must be LJ-cut! No exceptions! Please don't clutter up people's F-lists. If you do not know how to do an LJ-cut, please see the LJ cut mechanics at the FAQs.

3) All pairings, genres, and ratings are welcome. If you have adult content in your drabble or one-shot, please use a warning in your format when posting. SHIPPING WARS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Please be kind to your fellow writers where their tastes are concerned.

4) You MAY post and pimp your stories to other communities (such as FFnet, fiction communities, and character communities) during the contest. Just make sure you post an appropriate entry HERE linking to wherever you are keeping your story (personal journal, writing community, FFnet, etc.).

5) NO OFF TOPIC POSTS. All pimpings of other Doctor Who related communities or events on LJ, DeviantART, and any other website is not permissible unless you ask permission of the mod. PLEASE DO NOT advertise any other non-theme related fanfiction here. Let's keep everything pertaining to the themes. If you want to advertise your Doctor Who fic outside the community, please do it at dwfiction instead.

6) I shouldn't have to remind people of this, but PLEASE let's all act mature and not engage in any drama. Do not harrass, flame, or start a fight with others on pairings, subject matter, or anything else. If you have a problem with someone, come to me. Otherwise, general asshatery will get you banned. We can have fun and give people constructive criticism without being nasty.

7) Constructive Criticism: Comments are STRONGLY encouraged on all the works. We're all here to improve our writing and feedback helps in a big way. Constructive criticism is acceptable but do not engage in pointless snark. And don't be surprised if someone gives you friendly concrit about grammar, mechanics and even characterizations. It's probably a good idea to watch out for those things in your entries because some of your fellow writers could have things to say about that. Be courteous as well as helpful!

8) Banners will be given out to the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement. There will no longer be a mod's choice placement. Banners will be created by the mod or any banner maker volunteers.

9) Format your entries as such:

In the Subject line, please put the particular theme and title of your fic. (You do not have to strictly adhere to this format, but please attempt to have something recognizable and similar to it.)

Rating: all ratings accepted
Genre: all genres included
Word Count: Please include this
Pairings or Characters: Please try to give all pairings/characters a chance for reading. All pairings and characters are permissible.
Spoilers: Please warn for any new episodes.
Warnings: adult content, fluff, anything you think may squick others
Summary: Help us out and tell us a little about it.

10) Voting - There is NO voting for yourself, and using multiple accounts and getting your friends/sock-puppets vote so you win will warrant warnings and banning from the community. Do not ask or beg for votes outside of the community or you will get a stern warning. Multiple infractions of this will warrant permanent banning. PLEASE BE FAIR.

11) Themes will vary every two to three weeks, but if you look at the side bar, you will be able to see upcoming themes. If extensions are needed, the dates will change accordingly. REMEMBER: Theme interpretation is loose and relies on your own inspiration. I will not be strict about your story applying to the theme that harshly. Sometimes themes take us in a different direction than we didn't intend, and it just becomes part of our personal creative processes.

12) The purpose of this community is for works inspired by Doctor Who, and I know that it's a HUGE fandom, and there are many seasons and many Doctors. Our general focus is the new Who series, starting from the Ninth Doctor and up to current episodes with the Twelfth Doctor. Classic Who of the other Doctors is also allowed if you feel inspired. I cannot stop you from writing other Doctors if you're inspired. Though be warned some of us may not know the other Doctors that well when responding to your works.

13) Crossovers are accepted as well! Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood and Class inspired fics are also accepted, though be aware some people may not be familiar with these series. They do take place within the Who-universe, so therefore they will be accepted.

14) We have a mirror community at Dreamwidth if you're more comfortable posting there: who-contest @ Dreamwidth.

Your mods: paynesgrey, flowsoffire
Bannermaker: paynesgrey

Affiliates: [heroes_contest] [terror_scifi] [castle_fic] [trueblood100]